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P/N 14100403 is sold by the Box of 100 Cleaning Sticks.

Each Box contains 100 individually packaged Sticks.

Cletop Cleaning Sticks are used for cleaning the end face of fiber optic connectors that are mounted in bulkhead adapters that are used on patch panels, test equipment, components, etc.

This Cletop Cleaning Stick is used for cleaning Pins (Ferrules) that are 2.0mm in Diameter and Sockets (Sleeves) that are 2.0mm in Diameter such as those used for HDTV and MIL Fiber Optic Connectors.

This Cleaning Stick is a Double Ended Cleaning Stick – one end is 2.5mm in Diameter (Sleeved) and the other end is 2.0mm in Diameter. The Sleeve is on the 2.5mm Diameter end to hold the Stick in place while cleaning the 2.0mm Diameter Pin (Ferrule) in the HDTV/MIL Connectors. The 2.0mm Diameter end is used for the Socket side of the connector.


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Model Description
14100400 Cletop Sticks – 2.5mm Diameter (200 Sticks per Box)
14100401 Cletop Sticks – 1.25mm Diameter (200 Sticks per Box)
14100402 Cletop Sticks – 2.0mm Diameter (200 Sticks per Box)
14100403 Cletop Double Ended Sticks – 2.5mm and 2.0mm Diameters (100 Sticks per Box)
Weight 0.32 lbs
Dimensions 6.93 × 5.63 × 2.13 in

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