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FCT-C410 Cleanssette Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner

Hobbes CLEANSSETTE is a newly designed optical connector cleaner on todays market. The concept of CLEANSSETTE is that by using both sides of the cleaning reel, it is possible to reduce the reel cost and to make the product more environmental friendly. It is suitable for the most common connector types except for the male MT connectors.

CLEANSSETTE features a 32 foot densely woven dry cloth reel which provides superior cleaning performance while minimizing static charge, ensuring that debris is not instantly attracted back onto the fiber end face. The 32 foot cloth can be used over 450 times.

Replacement Reels are available for the Cleanssette. See Hobbes P/N FCT-CR001


  • Minimizes static attraction.
  • Ultra clean micro-fiber cloth captures debris and other contamination.
  • The cloth is robust, it does not fray or leave any fibrous materials behind.
  • Eco-friendly and low cost double side reel cleaning design.
  • Easy to remove the cleaning reel without causing any contamination.
  • The unique design of Cleanssette makes it possible to withdraw the used part of the reel in the same length in order to reduce the unnecessary waste.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Suitable connector includes FC simplex, FC duplex, SC simplex, ST simplex, ST duplex, LC simplex, LC duplex, MU simplex, D4, DIN.

Ordering Information:

Model Description
FCT-C410 CLEANSSETTE Optical Connector Cleaner in Cassette Design
FCT-CR001 CLEANSSETTE Optical Connector Cleaner Replacement Reel
Weight 0.39 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 3.75 × 2.00 in

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