Weight: 3.0 lbs.




Hobbes Part No. 257919/FC/SC/ST 1550nm HandyOTDR Opti-Fiber Fault Locator (80KM)

The Hobbes HandyOTDR Fiber Length Meter & Fiber Visual Fault Locator With Data Storage is a portable high efficiency fiber fault locator. It is designed as a fiber fault locator with the capability of fiber length measurements and with Visual Fault Locator (VFL) function. It is widely used for verifying a signal path, certifying new fiber installations, performing fiber cable characterization, and fault finding in fiber optic networks. Hobbes handyOTDR Fiber Length Meter & Fiber Visual Fault Locator With Data Storage is designed to make fiber optic measurements for maintenance purposes in telecommunication and CATV systems. The unit locates fiber faults, and displays the results on an LCD display. In addition, the unit has the capability to save, browse, delete, and upload data to a PC (via USB), and also contains a large built–in memory that can store up to 300 results onboard the device.


• Fiber faults locator and fiber length tester with OTDR analysis.
• Visual Fault Locator.
• Fault information can be saved, browsed and deleted.
• LCD display.
• USB data uploading, easy to save and make reports


Wavelength 1550±20nm
Max. Distance Measured 80km
Min. Distance Measured 30m
Emitter Type LD
Number of Events Detected Up to eight events
Accuracy ±1m
Index of Reflection 1.40 to 1.6999
Memory Capacity 300 Sets
Power Source Qty. 4 AA Batteries
Wavelength 650±20nm
Output Power ≥–3dBm
Emission CW/1Hz (On/Off)

Ordering Information:

Part No. Description
257919 HandyOTDR Opti-Fiber Fault Locator 80km Range
Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 7 × 5.3 in

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